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Artan amusement Group is the first holder of the national standard emblem of Iran in the field of amusement parks rides production





Managing this industry group with over two decades of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing ammunition for Outdoor and indoor locations strive to take advantage of potential opportunities and collaborate with engineers and professionals Technical Experience and Further Research on Amusement Equipment (Adult and Children) and Fiberglass Industries Take action to meet the goals needed by respectable sportsmen





تولیدی آرتان در زمینه طراحی ، ساخت و نصب دستگاههای شهربازی برای مکان های فضای باز و سرپوشیده فعالیت می نماید

مدیریت این گروه صنعتی با بیش از دو دهه تجربه در خصوص طراحی و

تولیدمحصولات خود تلاش نموده تا با بهره گیری از امکانات بالقوه و 

همکاری بامهندسین و متخصصین فنی و تجارب حاصله و تحقیقات

بیشتر در زمینه ی تجهیزات شهربازی (بزرگسالان و کودکان) و صنایع

فایبر گلاس جهت تامین اهداف مورد نیاز شهربازی داران محترم  اقدام نمایید.



Why is Artan's product quality so good?

Artan Manufacturing Company uses the latest and most accurate CNC and industrial machines Manufacture of outdoor and indoor amusement devices including kiddie train, mini ship, Frisbee, helicopter Rotating, Rubber Train, Rocking, Waterfall Slide, bumper Car, Moonlight, Wild Cow, Plastic Brick, Marry Go round, Shocking, Zodiac, Poly Grande ...

Artan Manufacturing Having one of the strongest quality control units has made the products of this manufacturing unit one of The best brands in the field of building amusement parks rides